We are delighted to be working with Vocab Express to make the most of the innovative technological developments seen throughout the education sector that have the potential to revolutionise the learning experience. By offering a combination of our carefully structured and lively resources with the engaging, accessible online platform that Vocab Express offers, we are confident that together we can offer young people today the best start and support to learning another language.
Madeleine Shillito, Head of MFL, Pearson Education

Pearson on Vocab Express

Pearson is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing educational publisher.

Pearson is dedicated to publishing a wide range of high-quality modern languages resources that reflect the latest curriculum developments and the most up-to-date learning techniques. From the new KS3 course, Studio, to an extensive range of GCSE and A Level resources, more teachers and learners use Pearson resources than any other.

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I had a quick look at the live report [after introducing Vocab Express]... by 6.15pm twelve children had already accumulated impressive scores and were fighting to maintain their positions at the top of their form group! What a fantastic feeling!
Emma Passmore, Head of MFL, Daneshill Prep School