2nd – 8th March 2016

Create a languages buzz around your school in the build up to exams

Share in the excitement and energy generated by the Vocab Express Global Challenge! The challenge will run from Wednesday 2nd March until Tuesday 8th March 2016. It's a fantastic way to engage students in vocabulary building by challenging them to compete against other schools across the UK and from around the world.

  • compete against students from schools across the globe for top spot
  • real-time leaderboards to track the action as it happens
  • numerous school and student certificates to play for
  • improve your vocabulary in up to 13 languages
  • top 25 students in the school will be certified as Genius

The challenge will feature French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew and Latin competitions.

The challenge is free to all subscribers to Vocab Express. To find out more information, please login to Vocab Express and download the flyer at the bottom of the Home page. To enrol, please ask your School Administrator to visit the Admin page where they will find a button to enrol the school. Once your school has enrolled, you will be able to download the full teacher's pack which includes a teacher's guide as well as posters and award charts to put up around the school.

If you are not yet subscribing to Vocab Express but are considering a subscription, then you may set up a free trial which will allow you to participate in the Global Challenge for up to 150 students. If you would like to arrange a free trial, please contact us.

In addition this year we have a special arrangement with Linguascope to allow their subscribers to also enrol within the challenge free of charge. If you have not received details of this from Linguascope, please contact them to find out more.

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