• Dynamic

    Desktop Learning

    • Dynamic desktop-orientated word card review and test preparation tool.
    • Easy familarisation with vocabulary and key terms.
    • Native speaker audio for foreign languages.
    • Proven vocab learning method – register for guest access to try it out.
  • mobile

    Android and iOS platforms supported

    • Complete access to all your vocabulary lists.
    • Learn vocabulary on the move.
    • Fit homework into your daily routine.
    • Keep up to date with the latest scores!



  • Simple

    Vocab / Term List Navigation

    • Simple and user-friendly method for navigating exam board and text book vocabulary and terminology lists.
    • Quickly locate relevant topics and word blocks to set as homework or classroom tests.
    • Wide range of pre-loaded exam board and publisher vocabulary and terminology.
  • Intelligent

    Answer Matching (for foreign languages)

    A variety of answers will be accepted for a particular word:

    • definite or indefinite article
    • masculine or feminine form of nouns and adjectives
    • multiple synonyms where defined by specification
    • configurable accent sensitivity
    • configurable capitalisation sensitivity (e.g. German nouns)
  • Homework

    And Assignments

    • Set weekly homework mapped to your course.
    • Simple and quick to set-up.
    • Track students’ study patterns.
    • Monitor students’ progress.
    • No marking required!
  • Real-time

    Progress Charts and Activity Reports

    • Breakdown of all activity and scores to provide an insight into the students’ study patterns.
    • Colour-coded progress charts to facilitate monitoring of progress against lesson and homework schedules – register for guest access to find out more.
    • Drill down into individual activity or view summary of whole class.
  • Competitive

    Scoreboards and Vocabulary / Terminology Tests

    • Running-total scoreboards to motivate students through competitiveness.
    • Set in-class vocab tests for specific topic areas and see results in real-time.

Vocab Express was originally designed with the assistance of a number of leading language departments which shaped it into a unique and intuitive vocabulary learning platform. It has now been extended to include key terminology for the humanities and sciences.

By integrating text, images and audio, Vocab Express provides an engaging environment in which students can build their vocabulary whilst their progress is being monitored and tracked by their teachers.

Vocab Express can now also be used on the move via its iOS and Android mobile apps.

The main benefits of using Vocab Express are as follows:

Minimise teacher workload

  • Pre-loaded, pre-categorised exam board and text book vocab / terms
  • Vocabulary / terminology tests with no preparation or marking overhead
  • Set as homework, in-class activity or cover lesson

Engage students and raise attainment

  • Easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Accessible at home, at school or on the move with our mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Motivates through competitiveness

Assess pupil progress

  • Real-time activity and progress monitor
  • Individual student tracking
  • Sharable class scoreboard