The results are in for the Vocab Express National Language Championship 2013

After a week of language vocabulary tests, the winners for this year’s National Language Championship have been announced.

Created by Vocab Express, the online modern foreign languages vocabulary learning application, the free championship was established to enhance young people’s interest in learning languages across the UK and Ireland.

Over the course of the week, 24,000 students from more than 250 schools competed for the top spots, logging on to Vocab Express to test their vocabulary knowledge, in order to score points towards their individual scoreboard and school league table position.

Vocab Express’ online leader boards made it possible for competing schools to track their achievements against one another in real-time. Overall, more than 8 million questions were answered in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Urdu, Russian, Modern Hebrew and Latin with a total 27 million points scored.

The National Championships uses a tiered system of awards to recognise the achievement of schools and individual students overall and for each of the 11 languages. The main awards won were the Genius Cup, an award which allows schools of different sizes to compete as it is based on the highest cumulative score of a school’s top 25 students and the Challenge Cups, based on the highest cumulative scores of all students in each language and divided into three leagues according to school size.

Awards won are as follows:

Award Winning School
The Genius Cup Dartford Grammar School for Girls
The Challenge Cup Piccolo Ockbrook School for Girls
The Challenge Cup Medio Cambridge International School
The Challenge Cup Grande Dartford Grammar School for Girls
The Genius Cup: French*Ockbrook School for Girls
The Genius Cup: German*Soar Valley College
The Genius Cup: Spanish*Nonsuch High School for Girls
The Genius Cup: Italian*Manchester Grammar School
The Genius Cup: Mandarin*Nonsuch High School for Girls
The Genius Cup: Japanese*Cambridge International School
The Genius Cup: Russian*Manchester Grammar School
The Genius Cup: Urdu*Essa Academy
The Genius Cup: Arabic*Halifax High
The Genius Cup: Modern HebrewCambridge International School
The Genius Cup: Latin*Cambridge International School

Emilie Burguin, head of Modern Foreign Languages, Ockbrook School for Girls, describes the impact of winning the overall Challenge Cup Piccolo: “Taking part in Vocab Express’ National Language Championship has been a fantastic experience for Ockbrook students. We are so proud to have won the Challenge Cup Piccolo – it enables smaller schools like ours to display the language talents and the dedication of their students. When the news that we had won was announced in the staff meeting the day after the championship finished, there was a spontaneous round of applause and many congratulations for the students! We look forward to competing in the next one!”

Harriet Sturdy, Director of Cambridge International School, winners of the overall Challenge Cup Medio says: “I speak on behalf of the whole school when I say we are absolutely delighted to have won this award. It was great to see such dedication to vocabulary learning across the languages and I am so proud of the team work of our students who rallied around whenever a score in one language was flagging. Vocab Express’ tools are incredibly addictive and inspiring; the live school leader board really helped drive the competition forward whilst the individual student scoreboard encouraged a positive internal competiveness. We are very proud of our Latin students, some of whom have access to the entirety of the GCSE prescription in year 8, for winning the Genius and Medio Cups for the whole of the UK. As a new school in an ancient city renowned for its top ranking university, it is fantastic to be at the cutting edge of language learning.”

Karine Kleywegt, curriculum team leader for Modern Foreign Languages, Dartford Grammar School for Girls, winners of the overall Genius Cup and the Challenge Cup Grande says: “Once again the girls have done us proud and we are overjoyed to have won yet another Vocab Express Championship. Vocab Express has become an integral part of our language learning at Dartford Grammar School for Girls and has greatly helped raise awareness in other languages, so much so that our students would like us to start a fourth language at the school next year. We look forward to the next championship and hope to make it three wins in a row!”

Justin Sycamore, managing director, Vocab Express comments: “A huge congratulations goes out to all who took part in this year’s National Championship. The hard work and dedication of the thousands of participants has been incredibly encouraging; we are incredibly proud to provide a platform for students to demonstrate their knowledge of modern foreign languages and to celebrate their achievements.”

Further information on the National Language Championship and details of all the winners can be found at:

March 2013