New verb conjugation resources now available on Vocab Express

Vocab Express, the vocabulary learning application for foreign languages has introduced a new French verb conjugation resource for Key Stage 3 and GCSE. The resource is designed to support and speed up the vital process of learning verb conjugation, whilst making the task, and the language learning experience overall, much more enjoyable for students.

Learning verb conjugation, or the understanding of the effects of mood, tenses and the person on verbs, is as time consuming a process as learning vocabulary, and is just as important to master. Whilst repeating and learning a list of infinitives is beneficial, what is even more important is understanding how to put different verbs into sentences, that is, knowing how to conjugate them. Verbs are a vital part of every language, and being able to use them correctly is key to being understood.

Vocab Express provides an innovative, interactive method for engaging and inspiring young people in foreign languages– which can be perceived as a difficult option. Through a fun process of learning, revising and testing, students are motivated to achieve. The new verb conjugation resource follows the familiar Vocab Express format.

Designed and written by renowned language authors Danièle Bourdais and Sue Finnie, the resource contains a carefully selected range of both regular and irregular verbs, conjugated across seven tenses and moods. In total, it contains over 420 blocks (each block representing a verb conjugated for a particular tense) and over 2,700 lexical items to support language learning. The resource is suitable for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, with Higher Tier GCSE verbs available in separate sections. Equivalent resources for Spanish and German are currently in development and will be available later in 2012.

Justin Sycamore, managing director at Vocab Express comments: “Here at Vocab Express, we are dedicated to offering students an engaging and inspiring way to tap into an all important foreign language. Verb conjugation is an area that can seem daunting when first approaching it, but working with Danièle and Sue, such respected experts in the field, has offered us the chance to really tackle the process of learning verbs with fresh eyes. This new resource offers students an enjoyable way to undertake what was previously seen as hard work. We look forward to continuing to develop Vocab Express to support the innovation of modern foreign languages education.”

Danièle Bourdais and Sue Finnie, authors and educational consultants, add: “Mastering verbs is a must for language learners. French verbs can initially seem difficult to conjugate, but as thousands of French verbs all follow one of three key patterns, identifying and learning these can make using the correct form of the verb easy. Even irregular verbs follow certain patterns, and this new resource provides ample practice to help learners memorise these. It has been exciting to work with the Vocab Express team to develop an accessible and engaging way to help young learners learn verbs."

May 2012