Vocab Express introduces new GCSE Mandarin vocabulary resources

Vocab Express, the online modern foreign languages (MFL) vocabulary learning application has added GCSE Mandarin to its ever-growing bank of online vocabulary learning resources. This supports the increasing popularity and significance of the language.

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world with over a billion speakers, and China looks set to become the largest economy in the world within the next decade. GCSE entries for the language in the United Kingdom have risen by 40 per cent over the last decade, and this will continue to grow with investment in Government plans for Mandarin teacher training.

Vocab Express provides an interactive method for engaging and inspiring young people learning a foreign language. The multi-lingual library of pre-loaded and categorised vocabulary for Key Stages 2 to 5 is sourced from major exam boards and leading MFL publishers. Vocab Express now includes the minimum core vocabulary lists for both foundation and higher tier from the AQA GCSE Mandarin Specifications, with the first examination in 2011. In the coming months, the Edexcel GCSE specification will also become available.

Vocab Express is designed in close collaboration with leading MFL departments specifically to make vocabulary, the foundations of a language, easier and more interesting. The fun process of learning, revising and testing means students are motivated to compete against their peers through an innovative points and scoreboard system, and can see their progress at a glance. Teachers can monitor activity through a comprehensive set of real-time progress tracking tools.

Justin Sycamore, managing director, Vocab Express comments: “Vocab Express is dedicated to offering students an engaging and inspiring way to tap into an all important foreign language. The ever increasing popularity and importance of Mandarin worldwide, for both business and leisure, means that it is increasingly the choice for students in schools today. It was therefore a logical option for our latest addition.”

The Mandarin resources on Vocab Express now join the pre-existing French, German, Spanish, Italian and Latin offerings.

June 2011