Word Card Familiarisation Demonstration

In order to give you a feel for the learning mechanism behind Vocab Express, we have set up a simple demonstration of seven fruit, learning from English into French. Once you have read the learning tips below, click on the image on the right to launch the demo version of the Vocab Express application.

Sciences & Humanities: the learning process works in much the same way as this demonstration of French, but instead of being asked to translate an English word into French you are presented with a definition and must enter the correct term. We will be adding a demonstration of this in the near future!

Learning Tips

When you start the application you will be presented with the seven wordcards. These can be dragged around the learning desktop into groups that make sense to you – perhaps put masculine on one side and feminine on the other?

In addition, the answers may be hidden by clicking on the grey dot next to the answer, or under the "Review Tools" you can hide all answers with one click. If you click on the audio symbol you will hear the word pronounced for you by Claude, one of our native French speakers.

Once you are ready, click “Start Learning” and begin entering translations for the words prompted. You can only pass the test once you can complete all 7 words in a row without mistake. Your progress is tracked using the Inplay Status Monitor (shown on the left). Each vertical bar represents one word. Once a word has been answered correctly, the bar for that word turns green; if it has been answered incorrectly it turns red. The two white arrows indicate the current word.

When you have completed all words once, you will be asked the ones that you got wrong again and this will continue until you have answered each one correctly at least once. Then, in order to pass the test you must next complete all words correctly in a row — beware, if you make a mistake you will start all over again!